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Canyon Trips

For thoses that love to catch tuna and tile fish we added a special for June and July. $3,295 plus tip for a minimum of 28 hours. We will troll for tuna and when you are in the mood to switch gears we will deep drop for tiles. Overnight we will mako fish and get back on the troll in the morning to catch the dawn bite.

We have added an overnight special for those folks that love to troll tuna/marlin/mahi all day and shark at night in warm calm weather. We will leave the dock at 9am on day one and arrive on the grounds around 12:30. We will troll into the night for tuna and of course bigeye. Once we are done trolling we will set out the shark baits and catch makos, we will then get back on the troll at first light for the tuna bite. This unique trip allows the anglers prime time on the grounds for trolling not only do you get the evening bite (which was not available on our standard day troll trip), but you get the early morning bite as well. We are putting you in a position to catch more fish and at a discounted rate, as compared to our August - October overnighters.

You arrive at the dock between 10 and 11pm. We load your food and beverage on board, the weather is good, the boat is iced down and you're ready to go. We throw off our bow and stern lines at 11:30pm heading for the edge. Your captain has a current temperature chart showing 75 degree blue water in the Tom's Canyon a 90 mile trip, you and your buddies chill in the salon watching VCR tapes or just crashing until dawn. You are awakened when the twin cat diesels pull back, it's false light 4:30am. You have a fresh cup of coffee and step out onto the cockpit to find the mate putting out the spread of lures, you watch with eager enthusiasm you want to help him. No problem, we encourage your participation it's your charter. At first we're looking for color changes - weedlines and birds. The sun is just starting to show, what a site if you have been out there before you know what I mean, it's breathtaking, all of a sudden the captain turns hard to port. He sees a few shearwaters working then all of a sudden the long rigger goes off, then the inside rigger and then all hell breaks loose, you have six to seven rods go off and it's mayhem. Fifteen minutes later your have five 40lb. Long Fin and two 70lb. Yellowfin in the box. The stink is out of the boat and everyone is excited. Your captain makes another couple of passes and nothing, so you search again. It's now 9am and the sun is up and it's hot. You put on the sunscreen and have a snack, all of a sudden the boat picks up speed.

The captain has spotted a Whale 1/2 mile to the east, you run up top with your camera to snap a couple of photos when suddenly it happens. The first flatline goes off then the second before you can get back down stairs five lines are screaming off 80lb. test line. The captain stops the boat but the reels are still screaming. The mate looks up at the bridge and he and the captain know, "It's the Wolfpack" 5 Bigeyes just crashed your pattern, it's total chaos, the captain barks orders like a marine drill sergeant he says, "First one hooked is the last one in", you and four of your friends are direct hooked to 190lbs of pure power. It's now 10am and your back is on fire your standing up to "The Man" then it happens two of your buddies lines cross and as quick as they came, there gone, now it's you and your other two friends. The mate is coaching you the entire way, you get him close but every time he sees the boat he peels another 30 yards of string. You want to pass off the rod to one of your buddies who got cut off, but your pride won't let you. You're in for the long haul. It's time, the captain is now operating from the cockpit controls. The mate has the long gaff, it seems to take forever. Bang! What a shot right in the head. The first one's on the deck, 175lbs of Bigeye Tuna. When it's all said and done 3 for 5 all 175 - 190lbs.

It's 11am and you feel like you just went 10 rounds with Tyson. You pop open a cold one and relax for a while. You just experienced New Jersey Canyon Fishing at it's best, you wonder "Are we heading in now" Hell No, the Jenny Lee holds 1000lbs of ice and the Bigeyes are already put away and the mate is rigging fresh Ballyhoo, you help him set the lines and it's back to the troll. It's been quite some time without a strike when you spot a large pallet floating, you yell up to the captain and he swings on it. Holy Cow! a 30lb Bull Dolphin jumps like he's gone mad, it's in the boat, it's fresh Mahi Mahi for dinner tonight. It's 1pm and you know you'll be heading in soon. You really don't want to leave the canyon, as you bask in the afternoon sun. Your stirred by the captain who sees a "Bill" in the spread. The mate drops back a naked Ballyhoo it's a White Marlin. Bang! he's on, 2 jumps and a head shake and he's boat side, you get the picture, it's about 70lbs what a shot. You just released your first ever White Marlin. It's 2pm and it's time to head for the beach, on the way in the mate cleans your catch and bags it for you. some of your buddies head for the air conditioned salon. You instead sit up top with the captain and just take in the ride. It's now six pm and you can see Jenkinsons Pavilion in Point Pleasant. Your home, What a Trip - you can't wait to come back next year or next week.

It's 10am and your arrive at the Jenny-Lee, it's a perfect September day. You meet the captain and mate and you begin loading your gear and food. It's 10:30 and your on your way, but you have no clue as to where. The good news is, the captain does, he has word there was a great bite at the east elbow of the Hudson Canyon. You are on your way ETA 1:30pm. You spend a hour up top with the captain asking all sorts of questions then you decide to go down below an take a nap it's a long two days.

You're awaken when the engines idle back it's 1:45pm and your trolling the Hudson Canyon. See our "Trolling Trip" section for complete details. It's now 7pm and the captain decides on where you'll fish tonight, when the anchor comes tight you are in 600' of blue water and the cockpit fish recorder is red with bait. For the next 10 or so hours you are on the chunk and it can be wild. The mate starts throwing out the cut Butterfish 5 or 6 pieces at a time and you and your friends ask if you can help, after a 2 minute school you are responsible for chunking the cut baits. It's now pitch black in the Hudson and all you can see is the faint lights of the other sport fishing boats in the Canyon. While your throwing the bait you see a quick dart in the water "Squid" the mate jigs for them with an ultralite rod, smack he's got one. Immediatley he sends it out on a standup 50 outfit and within 2 minutes line is screaming off the outfit. Your buddy pushes the lever up to strike and it's a "Dog Fight" 70 lbs of Yellowfin and your pal. The captain yells keep chunking, Bang! a second line goes off, a second tuna on, it's mayhem. Ten minutes later two 70lb. Yellowfins are in the box and the school is under the boat. The mate is now chunking because you are catching squid for live bait. You now have a live squid on every rod and it's a "Mad Dog" bite.

Two hours later you guys are soaked with sweat and 13 70-80lb Yellowfins are in the box. It's midnight and you and your buddies take advantage of the lull to eat. After eating you take a snooze while the mate tends to the chunking duties. At 3am you hear one of your buddies scream "Fish on the Deepline" with the light stick went off you got it, it's a Swordfish. A fast and furious battle ensues you can see the light stick in the gin clear canyon water it's 20' down. Here he comes WOW the mate takes the long gaff and the captain grabs the leader. Boom! It's done 175lb Swordfish is in the boat. The catch of a lifetime and your pal is shaking. It's now 5am still dark and still chunking. Your at the back of the boat throwing the bait you look in the "Underwater" transom light, custom to the Jenny-Lee. You thought you saw something so you throw another piece of bait, you where right.

Fish in the slick everybody is up and you are sightfishing for Yellowfin. It's now 7am you put 5 more Yellowfin in the boat and you released another 5. The captain gives you the choice you have 18 70-80lb Yellowfins in the box, we can go home or troll for a Marlin or perhaps some Mahi Mahi, two of your guys want to head in but there out voted, you decide to troll a couple of hours. It's a quiet morning not much going on you pass by some lobster pots and some small Mahi Mahi are caught. It's now 10am and you know that you'll be heading in soon. Bang! The center rigger goes off but the boat keeps going while we have a fish on then you find out why, all the rods go off one at a time. It's a school of Longfins you land 7 of 8. Wow 18 Yellowfins and 7 Longfins, what a night, it's time to head for the beach. You just had the time of your life fishing on the Jenny-Lee.

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